Love Initiative

As we were looking at charities we could be involved with, there were so many beautiful causes to choose from we didn’t want to pick just one. So, we decided to put the power in your hands! We know that you all have charities, causes or even people who are in need that are close to your heart. So you decide, as we support YOU. At random, we select a package to receive a Love Initiative card, which has a donation value of $100. Each card gives the power to the recipient to choose where that $100 donation will do the most good. We share our Love Initiative with whatever it is that you love! If you have received one of these cards, please contact us at:

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  • I recently received my package of goodies…I loved how it was all packaged up in the great tissue print…but I was BLOWN AWAY by the notecard enclosed. I brought it to work to show my team and we all were in awe…we’ve never seen a company do something like this! WOW!

    I would like the donation to be directed towards an amazing non-profit in town: Happy Tails Happy Homes which is an all volunteer animal rescue organization. The directors are amazing! All the contact info is on their website: (including a convenient donate online link).

    Thank you for what you’re doing! I greatly appreciate when businesses realize the tremendous impact we can make on our communities!!

  • Thank you for this opportunity to select someone for a donation!

  • Thank you for your donation!

  • Thank you so much for the donation to my charity! That is the nicest thing I have had a company do for me! Please donate to the Alzheimer’s Research Association.

    Thanks again!

  • What an awesome opportunity to select a charity close to my heart! Thank you for having this as a part of your company!

  • I have been a modbod customer since the beginning, and your Foundation line of clothes is a main staple in my wardrobe. Your Love Initiative has confirmed my loyalty to your company, I wish there were more like yours!

  • Thank you so much for your kind note!

    I appreciate your charitable efforts, and would suggest donation to the Syrian American Medical Society:

    (Your original t-shirts from >5 years ago are still precious to me, and my new purchases seem consistent with this standard!)

  • Hi Modbod Staff,

    Enclosed in my last order was a card stating that I was selected to be part of the Modbod Love Initiative.  This is wonderful.  You are a special company.  I would like have $100 contributed on my behalf to QuestBridge which helps low income kids meet their higher education goals.