At Amanda Joy & Co we strongly believe that having self-love is a critical part of being happy and healthy. We believe that when we love ourselves we are kinder to others and because we are less judgmental towards ourselves we will be less judgmental of others. We believe in this so much that we have a #selflovemovement to help women to learn new skills, to see themselves in a brighter more beautiful light. We are all unique and it’s our imperfections that make us perfect.

In our logo, you will find our swirl which is a symbol that means so much to us and every time you see it we hope it means something to you as well. What does it mean? It was taken from the Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio which you can find anywhere in nature, from the flowers to animals, even to the ratio of our facial features. To us, this means we are all connected we are all one. What does it matter that we are all connected? It matters a lot. Have you ever felt alone in your journey in this life? Having moments where you feel so isolated from anyone else and you feel like you are in a really dark place, feeling so alone. We know this feeling first hand! How different would you feel if you knew others have felt something similar and could relate, that you were not alone? Would it make a difference?


We are more alike than we are different. It’s our differences that make us unique but it’s in our alikeness that creates connections and community which helps to cultivate self-love.